Pineal Records, Books & Films, founded in 2000, is a Minneapolis-based company committed to musical, literary and screen artists. Its president, Kenneth P. Garnier, originally from Los Angeles, CA, a musician, writer and actor, has been formally involved in the arts since 1970; having released four award-winning albums under the moniker AKOUO – as well as – authored several booklets; released a number of music videos; and, produced one feature film. Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned professional, consider using Pineal Records, Books & Films to provide administrative oversight in advancing your next creative endeavor.


From definitive planning to product completion, proficiency and efficiency are top priorities to ensure complete satisfaction for both the client and consumer.


Qualified guidance is invaluable in the pursuit of fulfilling an artist’s foresight. Adept internal and external consultation are constantly sought in every aspect of our work; culminating in admirable product and service outcomes.


Whether digital or printed content, editorial and marketing direction serves the audience as much as it does the author. Publishing decisions, always a team effort, considers a variety of factors; from printing, to pricing, to promoting.


Easy online and in-store product access is indispensable to customer satisfaction and strength. The use of major digital outlets, a diversity of retail stores and optional delivery methods, make our products available to anyone; locally, nationally and internationally.